Dig in for Climate Justice! media coverage

This is a collection of media coverage of the 10/10/10 Dig in for Climate Justice. If you know of something that should be listed here, send it to us!

Don't forget to help spread the word by sharing these links, commenting on the articles, and writing letters to the editor of your local paper.


Press Release: Dike raising takes bite out of South Fraser Perimeter Road freeway
Surrey Leader: Demonstrators dig into SFPR sand
* News 1130: Protesters say South Fraser Perimeter Road is way to nowhere
* CKNW: Say no to Gateway, activists
* Georgia Straight: News report says South Fraser Perimeter Road project has been "downgraded"
* Georgia Straight: Climate crisis calls for direct action in Metro Vancouver
* South Delta Leader: Clearing the air


Vancouver Media Co-op: Can you dig it?
CTV News (click on Sunday October 10, starts 6 minutes in) or watch on youtube
Global News (starts 10 minutes in) or watch on youtube
* Delta Cable
* Shaw Cable


CKNW News at 6pm (top story)
CKNW News at 7pm (2nd story)


Photo album 1
Photo album 2
* Photo album 3
Photo album 4

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