Heritage sites thought to be buried by blacktop - CKNW

Heritage sites thought to be buried by blacktop


In the latest chapter of the on-going fight to stop the South Fraser Perimeter Road, opponents of the project are now saying several heritage sites will be destroyed in the process.

Richelle Giberson with Join the Wave Against the Pave says despite an apparent heritage assessment done by the Province, Delta's Glenrose Cannery and the ancient burial ground it sits on will be demolished, "There were others that were affected by the road but they were supposed to save them and I noticed on Delta's website last month that gateway actually had applied for a demolition permit for the cannery, which wasn't supposed to be demolished, because it wasn't in the way of the road."

Giberson says the cannery was first built in 1896, with the First Nations burial grounds dating back thousands of years.