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Stop Promoting More Roads and Start Promoting More Rails!

Gateway is a gross misuse of public funds and breech of environmental stewardship.

Redirect some of the $10 billion (est.) from greater car dependence, pollution and congestion (thus lower quality of life for everyone) into better metro rail access across the Lower Mainland / Fraser Valley and high speed rail connected to our cousins in the South (Seattle, WA & Portland, OR).

Very informative series of articles published in the Tyee recently on the topic.

Check it out here:

Once you read this series, write your feedback here! It certainly got me fired up and wanting to take some form of action, but what? The same thing everyone of us can do - start by writing a letter to political leaders, editors and on sites that promote more sustainable living in Greater Vancouver and join like-minded citizens such as Rail for the Valley, South Fraser Ontrax and High Speed Rail Canada.

Find out more about them here:

We are all busy, and I am the first to admit that I don't particularly enjoy letter writing for political purposes but I would really love to breathe clean air (think LA smog), have a safe city to live in that promotes biking/walking (great exercise and a great way to discover & explore local shops and trails) and travel anywhere I want on business/pleasure without road rage & traffic tie-ups turning us into LA North in 10 years down the road (make that rail)!

I would be interested to hear other people's voices on the subject, and I encourage you to please be respectful of other's opinions on the matter.

Write letters to Mr. Harper's and Mr. Campbell's office to make your voice heard on better use of public funds. If there was ever a time to consider better, smarter infrastructure for the next 20+ years, it is now during a depressed economy with a focused economic stimulus package. Instant job creation for greener mass transit and incredible future economic opportunities as the Pacific Northwest becomes a more fluid economic trading area - this is a Win-Win for Canadian and US citizens alike.

Also take a moment to write to Mr. Gregor Robertson, newly elected mayor of Vancouver and thank / encourage him in his pursuit of a better rail system for better sustainable living!

See Mayor Robertson's most recent comments on high speed rail:

It's not only recognized leaders such as Japan, Russia, China, UK, France, Spain and most of the rest of Europe that have figured out rail is better because it is much, much faster (with some high speed trains reaching average speeds of 280 kms / hour), but the rest of the world is now catching up. Consider new entries into high-speed rail including Argentina, South Africa, Iran, Brazil, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, even Yemen!!

Visit article in the Walrus on High-Speed Rail Around the World

At what point does this become so unbearingly embarrassing for Canada that we just limp in to upgrading our rail system as the laggards who finally joined the party because of global political pressure - not because it was the best thing for our citizens. We could certainly use the same spirit of our forefathers that founded and united our country with rail to propel it back to the future.

Consider one of the world's leading high speed train manufacturers, Bombardier. Founded here in Canada, but they have since moved the bulk of their high speed and light rail train business to Europe. No market demand for it in North America!

I am not a political creature by nature, but I am a concerned citizen who enjoys life in Vancouver and would like to do my part to keep it liveable. Article after article I have read about the topic states lack of political will at the federal level so let's focus our efforts on overcoming this inertia by voicing our desire for greener transit now.

R Peacock
Vancouver Citizen

Posted by anonymous on Fri, 06/12/2009 - 16:32