Logging Started on Witness Trail – Group Hike Sun. Feb 6, Action on Mother Earth Day April 22

Group Hike on the South Fraser Witness Trail!

The South Fraser Witness Trail follows the route of the proposed South Fraser Perimeter 'Road' freeway through an urban forest in Surrey. Named as one of the city's five major natural area hubs in a recent study, it is home to deer, beavers, herons, owls, salmon, and endangered species such as the Red legged frog and Pacific water shrew.

Now the provincial government is starting to log the easily accessible sections of the South Fraser Freeway route, including at the west trailhead of the Witness Trail. Come on the hike to see what is at stake if the South Fraser Freeway gets built, and find out what we can still do to stop it and other freeways in the region.

When: Sunday February 6, 1:15 pm
Where: 168 St. & 108 Ave. in Surrey (meet at bus stop - map: http://bit.ly/aXEEZG)

(The C74 bus runs direct to this location from Surrey Central Skytrain. Just get on the bus at 12:49 pm at Bay 12 under the tracks [not in the bus loop], and ask the driver to let you off at 168 St. & 108 Ave.)

The trail includes rugged sections. Bring drinking water, a snack, and water resistant footwear. The hike will proceed rain or shine and will only be canceled in case of high winds or dangerous conditions. For more info call 604 588 4203 (including day of) or email witnesstrail@gmail.com

April 22 - Join the Wave Against the Pave! Save the Date(s) and Mother Earth.

As chainsaws roar and bulldozers get set to roll on the controversial $2 billion South Fraser Perimeter Road freeway (SFPR), join local residents and community groups in standing up for climate justice on International Mother Earth Day! Last October, hundreds of people dug up the freeway construction site in Surrey with shovels and wheelbarrows, in December we used sand from the SFPR to build a dike blocking the provincial cabinet offices.

Now it's time to continue the campaign of mass direct action against climate crime. Beginning on the 2nd International Mother Earth Day, Friday April 22, 2011 (Easter Friday), we will be holding a mass direct action for climate justice somewhere on the route of the South Fraser Freeway. The action(s) may continue over multiple days during this long weekend. More details and organizing meetings will be announced soon.

South Fraser Witness Trail
A beautiful new trail through the forest between Fraser Heights and Surrey Bend is being built by volunteers from Surrey Environmental Partners and the Wilderness Committee.

The first 2 km section opened in January 2010. Hiking this transit-accessible trail is a great way to keep fit and learn more about the environment right here in our city. This escarpment forest is listed as one of Surrey's five major natural area "hubs" in a study recently commissioned by the city. It is home to deer, beavers, herons, owls, salmon, and endangered species such as the red legged frog and Pacific water shrew.

Hikers pass an old growth spruce tree on the South Fraser Witness<br />
Hikers pass an old growth spruce tree on the South Fraser Witness Trail

The trail follows the route of the proposed South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR). Although preliminary work has started on some sections of this freeway project, a growing movement is calling for its cancellation so the funds can be directed to other priorities. No work has yet been scheduled along this section of the project.

Click here for the full size map


The trail is easily accessed by transit. The C74 bus runs direct to the trailhead from Surrey Central Skytrain Stration every half hour. Just get on the bus at Bay 12 under the tracks, and ask the driver to let you off at 168 St & 108 Ave. Click here for the timetable and click here for the route map.


A handy brochure with the basic info and map can be downloaded and printed at tiny.cc/trailbrochure


-Visit wildernesscommittee.org/bend for more details about the area and why it should be preserved.
-Check out this recent podcast and article about the trail.
-Email witnesstrail@gmail.com to arrange a free guided tour or to volunteer for trailbuilding.
-Sign up for trail announcements by joining the Witness Trail Google Group!

See you on the trail!


There have been a growing number of wildlife sightings on trail: everything from red legged frogs to deer, beavers, herons, and owls. Send us your pictures at witnesstrail@gmail.com

Barred owl  Great Blue Heron  

Lawn Sign

Saucy No Truckin Freeways lawnsigns now available... contact Bernadette (in Surrey/Delta) or Eric (in Vancouver) to get signs for you and your neighbours.


Flouro-orange and HOT! Get yours at Critical Mass on Friday Sept 27 or the Welcome Back Betty Krawczyk party that evening at the Anza, or at the RALLY on Saturday.

Thank you to all who donated to gatewaysucks.org...much more fun to be had...

SPEC Lawn Sign

Visit the online petition...just topped 2,000 signatures! Plus another 5,000 hard copy brings it close to 7,000 voices heard...that is POWERFUL STUFF.

StopThePave.org is a network of individuals and groups who are ticked off about The Gateway Project.

We are dedicated to firing up roots-level resistance to this destructive greed-driven plan, and to networking the many organizations and individuals who are working at every level to find genuine solutions.

StopThePave.org is 100% volunteer organized and implemented.
We do this work because we cannot imagine NOT doing it – and because it's fun.

Money will make this campaign more effective.

We can squeeze a lot of healthy mischief out of a few bucks. A few hundred dollars can buy a load of stickers, banner material, or t-shirt or flyer printing. It will rent a venue for a party or an action.

So if you can, please contribute a few dollars toward StopThePave.org. Together we have the collective intelligence to turn this thing on its ear.

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